PHP Application developer who specializes in custom made applications. Using frameworks/components like Zend Framework, Symfony and Laravel. Extensive knowledge of Pimcore CMS/PIM. MySQL and MongoDB are database I frequently use.

Knows way around Debian based Linux distributions and how to build a solid infrastructure to host an application (LAMP, LEMP,…) . Enthusiast of API’s and integrating them to enhance applications.

Also extensive experience with javascript libraries/frameworks (jQuery, jQueryUI, EXT JS, Vue, Angular(1&2), ReactJs, nodejs,…)

User and enabler of modern development technologies (docker, vagrant, puppet, ansible,… ) and decent IDE’s (PhpStorm) or editors (vim). Automate what you can (bash scripting, ansible,…) and do what you do the right way (Git, PSR guidelines, composer). Using tools like Redis, Memcached, Elasticsearch, …

Experience in leading teams and analyzing customer requirements into functional analysis.

Linux user. Team player.